“I had a specific design in mind and asked Jess if she could replicate it for me. She not only created the design I had in mind but also matched it with the perfect ruby stone. It will be a special piece in my collection” – Sheema

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Based on the outskirts of Leeds city centre, Jessica Steele Jewellery is a luxury design studio and workshop combining the raw craft of jewellery making alongside the beautiful contrast of ready-to-wear pieces available in the showroom.

Feel inspired and get creative with a lesson in making your own stacker rings or sit with your designer and discuss, over a cup of tea, how to turn your jewellery dreams into a reality.

Specialising in wedding, engagement, and eternity rings, alongside the ever-growing popular choice to remodel existing sentimental or inherited jewels, there is a special design out there for every person looking to adorn themselves with meaningful bespoke jewellery.

So much more than just rings. A symbolism of your relationship & the promise of getting through hard times together.

Rings are precious no matter what the materials they are made of & they should be perfect no matter what!

If you’d like some more information about how to choose your engagement or wedding rings, please get in touch & we will happily discuss the various options available for your needs. info@jessicasteelejewellery.co.uk

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When your love makes you laugh like no other...♥️ ...

Lucy’s lovely star pendant, which we created using a very precious ring from her late Nana & a diamond ring from her mum. Watch the process of how this delicate pendant was made & keep an eye out for another special piece of jewellery we created for Lucy using the remaining diamonds & gold.

If you’d like to know more about the process of remodelling please get in touch via message or email us at info@jessicasteelejewellery.co.uk for more details ✨

When I ask someone what their most important piece of jewellery is the answer is often engagement or wedding rings, this is not because of its material value but because of what it represents emotionally.

I truly believe that to make the perfect rings for these occasions it takes time & patience to find out what’s really important to you both & your relationship. No hard sales here, just a genuine passion & knowledge for jewellery which I gladly pass on to you so you can make the most informed decision about this very important purchase!

If you’re thinking about getting engaged soon, drop me a message or email info@jessicasteelejewellery.co.uk for more information about the process ✨

Happy Friday everyone! What a beautiful week it’s been & may the sun continue to shine over you all this weekend ☺️

It has been so lovely to reopen & meet lots of new customers in the past week! Seeing you picking your dream wedding bands & designing engagement rings for some very lucky ladies is always a pleasure, but there’s been an extra special feeling about it in the past week - it’s been so long since we were allowed to engage in face to face conversation that I am truly treasuring every moment right now & I am forever grateful to be a part of so many significant occasions & stories in your lives!

Wishing you all the best weekend ever ✨

📸 by @clairemcclean

We now have a reason to go out & dress up, the sun is providing us with some much needed motivation & no outfit is complete with the perfect accessories. Layering necklaces are effortlessly chic & will easily take you from daytime chill to evening cocktails with the girls ✨ ...

I love new chapters! And here’s the latest...the workshop has had a little renovation & has been transformed from a former teaching space into one which will be strictly for your designs to be made in. I am sad to not have classes booked in anymore, but with an impending baby & two amazing goldsmiths joining the team I can no longer justify an empty table in this room. Who knows, maybe I’ll do workshops again sometime in the future, but for now this space is going to be a hive of activity & my amazing team will continue work on your designs whilst I’m away on maternity leave starting the end of May ✨

📸 by @clairemcclean

Thought I would ask the lovely @clairemcclean to document my ever growing bump as it won’t be around for much longer! Obviously I had to add some rings into the shot too ✨

Thank you for all my customers who are being extra patient with me at the moment, not only do I appreciate your custom but also how you all understand that I’m not going at my usual pace & have recently slowed down to more of a snail speed shall we say 🐌 All emails will be responded to when I am back in the studio tomorrow ☺️✨

Lots of new pieces coming to the website in time for summer! Including lots more rings ✨ I love to mix & match my rings depending on my mood, but at the moment the puffy side of pregnancy means I don’t have much luck when it comes to getting them on, so I’m sticking to my trusty earrings & necklaces instead! What’s the one piece of jewellery you never take off? ...

I think this design has become a bit of a signature now - lots of you love how it looks 🤩 This is a variation on the first one, this design was created for Lucy using a ring of her Nana’s & another ring belonging to her mum which provided the diamonds for this special piece! I’ll be sharing the whole process later on in the week! ...

Happy Monday everyone! I’m very excited to be announcing my newest collection 🌈 If you’ve followed my previous posts you’ll know how precious our little rainbow baby is to us after suffering multiple miscarriages over the past few years. I really wanted to give something back to this amazing charity which I found really helpful when I was struggling with coming to terms with our losses last year. 10% of sales from this collection are donated directly to @miscarriageassociation Registered charity no. 1076829 (England & Wales) SC039790 (Scotland)

The Miscarriage Association was founded in 1982 by a group of people who had experienced miscarriage and they continue to offer support and information to anyone affected by the loss of a baby in pregnancy, to raise awareness and to promote good practice in medical care.

Sharing my own story was a cathartic experience & it opened my eyes to the amount of women around me who have also suffered. My experience is not an isolated one, so many people have suffered & it should not be accepted as “just something that happens” it is a deeply emotional & life changing event in which proper care & support should be provided. If you have or are suffering from an experience of loss, I would encourage you to visit the @miscarriageassociation website & take advantage of their amazing resources, do not suffer in silence - my messages are always open for anyone who needs to talk 🌈

Happy Easter everyone! 🐣🌼 I hope you are all having a lovely weekend & enjoying all the joys that spring has to bring 🌼🐣 ...

Happy Good Friday everyone! It’s time to relax & enjoy the weekend, eat our body weight in chocolate & take time to appreciate all the good things we have in our lives at this very moment 🐣 ...

So many exciting things going on behind the scenes here right now & I thought I’d show you a little snippet of a new collection which will be launching this year.

Lots of you requested bugs in silver - so it’s happening! This is just the start of a few designs which we were working on yesterday & it’s hard to not get excited when you spend a day playing with gemstones, designing jewellery & planning for the future!

Hands up all you 2020 brides 👰🏻👰🏾👰🏼👰🏽👰🏿 & grooms 🤵🏿🤵🏽🤵🏼🤵🏾🤵🏻

What an exciting year ahead with so many of you finally getting the chance to tie the knot after such a long wait, sure weddings won’t exactly be the same as they used to be but I must admit that the new way of marriage really gets us to think about the real reason of marriage which is simply about the love of two people & commitment ♥️

I always think that rings are an important part of the day, I may be biased but just think they symbolise that special bond between the two of you, they don’t wither away (at least mine won’t) & if made correctly they should last you a lifetime & beyond! So if you haven’t already, get in touch & let’s discuss how we can give this special part of your day the time they deserve to make sure they are perfect! ♥️

I’m feeling the love this Monday morning after seeing my email inbox full of wedding & engagement ring requests which have come in over the weekend! I’ll be answering them all tomorrow as today I’m attempting to organise some space for our baby boys ever growing wardrobe (I swear he has more clothes than both of us already!)

I think the prospect of more daylight, sunnier days & restrictions easing is making people want to make plans & what better plans are there than being around the people you love? ♥️

Photography & styling by the talented ladies @loveandmavebranding ♥️

Big congratulations to the talented ladies at @loveandmavebranding Fran & Suzy who launched their brand today! ✨They created some stunning imagery of my newest collection & just look how it turned out ☺️✨ Please give them the love they deserve with a follow & get in touch if you need some spectacular styled on brand photography! ...

Is there anything better for the soul than being sat in the sunshine on a summers day & having a brief visit from a butterfly? 🦋 ...