Wedding rings

For hundreds of years, wedding rings have symbolised the unity of love and commitment between two people – a special reminder of one of the most important days of our lives.

Combining quality craftsmanship with unique design, we help you choose the perfect ring to symbolise your love story, from classic bands to diamond set, shaped bands, and unconventional styles. All of our rings are made to stand the test of time, to make you feel special wearing them every day throughout the rest of your lives.

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Future Heirlooms

Jewellery can hold irreplaceable sentiment when it is inherited or passed on from loved ones who may no longer be with us. There are several different ways that precious gold and stones can be remodelled to create your new wedding rings or wedding jewellery, by doing so you can hold your special memories in a piece you can wear every day for the rest of your life.

Wedding Jewellery

Nothing says love like a special piece of jewellery to unwrap on the morning of your big day, Wedding jewellery doesn’t have to cost the earth, you can visit our online shop to view our ready-to-wear collections available to purchase in our online shop or book an appointment to discuss a bespoke piece.


Book an appointment

Consultations typically last no more than an hour, during this time we speak to you about the various options available for your rings and advise you about the best options based on your lifestyle and budget. You will have the opportunity to try on different styles and discuss pricing over a cup of tea or coffee.