“I had a specific design in mind and asked Jess if she could replicate it for me. She not only created the design I had in mind but also matched it with the perfect ruby stone. It will be a special piece in my collection” – Sheema

Commission a bespoke piece

Mark a special occasion or significant memory with the gift of jewellery, there is nothing more unique than a bespoke piece created for that precious person in your life.

Book an appointment to discuss how we can capture your unique personal story into a one-off design that can be treasured for a lifetime using fine gemstones and metals.

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Future Heirlooms

For many people, a piece of jewellery handed down from a loved one is precious and irreplaceable. But for most, the inherited styles are so outdated they are left unworn for many years. You may be looking to take a single item and transform it into several pieces to be handed down to multiple family members. We can take those existing pieces of jewellery and gemstones and adapt or remake them into a piece you can love and wear every day, whilst retaining the sentimental value of the person it came from.

The Process

Initial consultations typically last no more than an hour, during this time we speak to you about the various options available for your bespoke piece and advise you about the best options based on your lifestyle and your budget. During your private meeting with us, you will have the opportunity to look at different styles and discuss pricing over a cup of tea or coffee. The whole process can take anything up to 8 weeks depending on the complexity of the design so it is advisable to give yourself as much time as possible if your item is for a gift.