Jessica Steele has spent the last decade of her life dedicating herself to her passion in the jewellery industry. Her jewellery obsession began from a young age when she collected small mineral kits which formed part of her imaginative play adventures outdoors with her siblings.

She then went on to study Art & 3D design at college where she was first exposed to metalwork and jewellery and thus she discovered her creative flair in making.

“I remember the first time I made a piece of jewellery, the tutor congratulated me on my piece, I felt like I had found something I was naturally good at, I felt proud of what I’d made and it never felt like work. It has always been like therapy to me”

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Her love for the finer pieces was built over a number of years, collecting books on the history of jewellery, expanding her knowledge of the origins of her craft. Jessica built an enviable collection of personal pieces consisting of antique and bespoke jewellery which she wears every day. She worked full time in a number of luxury sectors and spent her evenings and weekends at the bench creating bespoke jewellery for her friends and family.

“To me, jewellery is so much more than an accessory. It tells a story, it links us to people in our past we never got to meet. Ask most people what their most important item of jewellery is – it’s never the most expensive piece but the ones that are connected to memories of the ones they love, that’s incredibly important and always has been throughout human history”

Jessica Steele Jewellery was formed at the start of 2020 after Jessica decided to move permanently and call Leeds home with her boyfriend Ashley. She wanted to create a luxury setting for people to immerse themselves in her world of jewellery.

The studio is by appointment only, offering individuals and couples alike an opportunity to have their special memories visualised into precious pieces that could one day become the family heirlooms that she is so passionate about. The studio also offers a workshop space – separate to the showroom where you can step into the shoes of a jeweller for a day, learning about the manufacturing techniques that have been passed down through hundreds of years and coming away with a piece of jewellery you have created with your very own hands.